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If you are a current UCF student or employee, please use your individual NID and NID password to log onto the library computers. Do NOT use the guest NID password.

If you are not a current UCF student or employee, you'll need to get the daily guest password if you want to use one of the public computers in the John C. Hitt Library. The guest NID password changes EVERY DAY at 2 a.m., so the password from previous days won't work.

To get today's guest NID password: Ask an employee at the LibTech service desk at the fountain entrance of the John C. Hitt Library. They will give you a slip of paper with the guest login ID and show you the guest password so that you can write it down on the slip. The password is case-sensitive and will include numerals and special characters.

Since all guests are using the same password and sharing a common workspace, please make sure you delete your files and log out of any personal accounts before logging off the computer.

NOTE: Please be careful when entering the password. The guest account will block new logins if an incorrect password is entered too many times within a specific time window. If the system says that the account is locked, wait approximately five minutes and try again. A script is set to run every five minutes to unlock the account.

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